Slow writing: more beautiful words

Reading The Cramped Lately, there's been a movement towards more tactile writing experiences, especially those writing experiences involving pen and paper. Excellent sites like The Cramped show people who are perhaps not aware of the beauty and the advantages of writing with a (fountain) pen on paper just what it's all about. I can only … Continue reading Slow writing: more beautiful words

Patrick Rhone’s beautiful article “The Farmer” >

Too long it had been waiting on my reading list, but I just rediscovered this pearl by Patrick Rhone, who again shows why he is such a great writer. A quote, among many quotes: This farmer realizes that the relationship with her work, like any good relationship is, and should be, reciprocal. That the work, … Continue reading Patrick Rhone’s beautiful article “The Farmer” >

Everything I want …

Yet another great article by James Shelley. I’m just discovering his blog, and the depth of the writing is wonderful. Especially in light of the recent events that hit Belgium hard, this is a text worth reading, as it really highlights what is truly important.

Developing good audit recommendations

In shortRecommendations should never be developed in an ivory tower. Rather, bringing in the auditees during the recommendations phase and challenging them to develop SMART recommendations will enhance the quality of your recommendations. Proper process should counter any issues with objectivity that may arise.Relevant recommendations are hardThis is a no-brainer for most auditors. Concisely describing … Continue reading Developing good audit recommendations

My blogging workflow (or, do I need another writing app?)

Workflows are about optimizing your personal processDeveloping workflows have the advantage of allowing you to optimize your work process. This will allow you to become more efficient in the future. The disadvantage then is that you need to invest the time now. And workflows take some time to develop. While personal workflows are inherently personal, … Continue reading My blogging workflow (or, do I need another writing app?)