About CasMo

CasMo is about curiosity

At CasMo, we are curious, so very curious about you and about your organisation. We cannot count the days woke woke up and were excited about meeting a new client or discovering yet another aspect of an existing one.

Most of the time, we feel like explorers, wandering around in a world full of discovery, wondering how the different pieces in our clients’ organisations fit together. Some call that governance, some call it common sense. Whatever you want to call it, for most of you it is of strategic importance, and you need someone willing to invest in that aspect of your story.

Such a deep level of interest is what we are willing to invest in your story.

CasMo is about listening to and sharing stories

But it does not end there. We love a good story. There are so many stories around us. And most stories teach us something. Good stories, more than anything, shape our learning.

First and foremost, We love listening to your story. Your story reflects your situation and your challenges, but most of all, how you look at them and how you believe you will be able to best deal with them.

Your story teaches us what it is you believe is most challenging to you now and how you are currently dealing with it. This storytelling is essential. Why? Because in your storytelling you present the seed of the solution. Most often, the issue you are facing can be solved by you, through you, in the best possible manner. After all, who knows your story better than you do?

Your good storytelling allows us to either teach you ourselves or find someone who can in our circle of trusted story listeners. So we go out and identify those best in tune with your story … and we find answers to your questions.

Willing to listen and respond to your story.

CasMo is about teaching

At CasMo, we are teachers. Through story we share what we have learned along the way, in our areas of expertise. Our story will be linked to your story, and we will transfer our experience and expertise to your context.

We want to make our solutions real for you, in your context, in your language, in your terms.

Our curiosity drives our hunger for your stories, and our experience allows us to bring our experience into your situation, through story. Teaching through storytelling. Sharing real experiences among real people.

Service limitations

Both out of respect for our mutual employers and out for consideration of proper professional conduct, CasMo cannot provide any type of services in the area of development aid or in the area of chemicals.

This is in line with the codes of conduct and proper professional behavior we subscribe to.