A better email tool

Whenever I write a letter, especially a draft letter, I usually write the text first. The reason is simple: texts tend to evolve, and may end up being about something completely different from what I set out to write about.

Paper is not forgiving, in that a mistake requires me to cross out or apply correcting fluid to the text. We believe our electronic tools are much more forgiving. But they are not.

Email applications are not fit for email

Case in point: email applications. The way in which they are set up invites mistakes or waste of time. Think about your favorite program. In all likelihood, it asks you for the email address of the intended recipient first, then for the subject, then for the actual text. However, that is not how you work. You know who you are writing to, but the subject line may well evolve throughout the actual writing of the text. And with the change in subject matter may well come the realization that other people need to be informed about the contents of your message.

However, few people take the time to revisit their subject lines or to reconsider whom they add to the already filled in recipient list.

There is one tool I have been using on iPad and Mac and that I miss on my iPhone: Ulysses. This markdown editor has a dazzling array of features, among which is a diverse set of export features. Any email I write starts right there, in that application, in markdown. First I write the text, then I write the tittle, which is the subject line, and only when I export as a mail, I add the subject line.

Mails have the time to develop and mature. I have no flashing send button imploring me to share whatever complete or incomplete considerations with the perhaps inappropriate but most certainly incomplete list of recipients.

So, Soulmen, kind purveyors of this app, when will you bring this tool to iPhone? And thanks for developing such a great tool.