How to write good tasks

My daily task list review often leaves me less than motivated to « do » my tasks. Not because I lack motivation, but mainly because I have not been diligent enough in correctly writing my tasks ... I suffer from lack of task clarity. Luckily, there’s a remedy for that, and even a way to supercharge your … Continue reading How to write good tasks

Choose the one we like … or?

'T is the season to be ... elected With election season coming up in Belgium - local elections in October followed by regional and national elections in May 2019 - the Belgian roads and people's front gardens are transformed by forests of flyers with faces of ambitious young and older hopefuls adorning them. These are … Continue reading Choose the one we like … or?

More manuals

Just a quick note to link to this excellent piece written by Richard McLean, director at ElsevierConnect Technology, who wrote the meta-article on articles written about how one works. It’s really worth reading the entire article, but if I had to select one paragraph, it is this one: “One thing that’s important for me in … Continue reading More manuals

Continuous learning is the future of work – Just look at Singapore

For those among you interested in the relevance of continuous learning, a position also put forward by a number of liberal politicians in Belgium, such as Alexander De Croo, you may want to read the following TED article by Barbara Oakley on the solutions Singapore has put forward and the impact they have had on … Continue reading Continuous learning is the future of work – Just look at Singapore