How to write good tasks

My daily task list review often leaves me less than motivated to « do » my tasks. Not because I lack motivation, but mainly because I have not been diligent enough in correctly writing my tasks ... I suffer from lack of task clarity. Luckily, there’s a remedy for that, and even a way to supercharge your … Continue reading How to write good tasks

Choose the one we like … or?

'T is the season to be ... elected With election season coming up in Belgium - local elections in October followed by regional and national elections in May 2019 - the Belgian roads and people's front gardens are transformed by forests of flyers with faces of ambitious young and older hopefuls adorning them. These are … Continue reading Choose the one we like … or?

More manuals

Just a quick note to link to this excellent piece written by Richard McLean, director at ElsevierConnect Technology, who wrote the meta-article on articles written about how one works. It’s really worth reading the entire article, but if I had to select one paragraph, it is this one: “One thing that’s important for me in … Continue reading More manuals