Ulysses for iOS and macOS – a solution for a really bad itch

TL;DR - the combination of WordPress and Ulysses on iOS and macOS gives me a lot less excuses not to publish blog posts, as was the case with my beautiful SquareSpace account. Let's see where this takes me. Moving blogs As announced a couple of days ago, I moved blogging platforms, from an excellent SquareSpace … Continue reading Ulysses for iOS and macOS – a solution for a really bad itch

Journalists are (or should be) auditors too

The Run-Up had an excellent interview with the journalists who published the article on Donald Trump's 1995 tax returns. What I found especially interesting is the diligence with which these journalists checked the authenticity of the documents and the way they approached it. They zeroed in on problems they identified both in form and content … Continue reading Journalists are (or should be) auditors too

Failing to plan = planning to fail

TL;DR Organisations have no brains. And even humans, with brains, can barely imagine unexpected risks. Making sure we are adequately prepared for potential risks requires a thorough exercise of risk assessment. Each project or program requires such an effort. However, we often neglect that. Not so obvious When I mention the very simple idea that … Continue reading Failing to plan = planning to fail

Thinking your thoughts through

TL;DR - We often don't think thoughts entirely through, which leads to erroneous conclusions. We are too often intellectually lazy, and accept the first possible explanation. Awareness and simple techniques can aid us in understanding and countering these errors. When we stop wondering Does any of the following sound familiar? You always find your keys … Continue reading Thinking your thoughts through

Moving from Squarespace to WordPress

TL;DR - I moved from Squarespace to WordPress because it makes blogging easier. You may have noticed that the blog looks fundamentally different from, well, yesterday, and that the url it now defaults to is http://www.exploringtheblackbox.org rather than the usual .net account. The reason is simple: I moved the blog from Squarespace to WordPress. The … Continue reading Moving from Squarespace to WordPress