The advantages of risk and evidence based reengineering

I've expanded on a post I wrote for my old reengineering blog in 2010. Enjoy! I’ve seen a lot of failed reengineering attempts. There are a lot of reasons why reengineering exercises fail and it’s not the purpose of this blog post to evaluate all possible reasons. What I do want to discuss, briefly, is … Continue reading The advantages of risk and evidence based reengineering

The external cost of internal optimization

Traditional cost reductions don’t take customers in accountMost organisations do not realize they are imposing significant burdens on their users. Any interaction involves a transaction cost. Organizations competed on cost reduction platforms, trying to drive down the transaction cost as low as possible … for their own operations. Quite often, an important part of the … Continue reading The external cost of internal optimization

Reengineering and customer satisfaction

The focus of reengineering and process optimizationMany organizations have invested significant time and means in internal process optimization. Often for all the right reasons, such as performance improvements which were essential and reduced organisational bloat. Occasionally for the wrong reasons, such as the reaction the stock market will have on the intent to reengineer: management … Continue reading Reengineering and customer satisfaction