An updated look

You may have noticed that the blog has significantly changed. If you are reading this in a browser, you will notice there is a lot less clutter.

I had been an absentee landlord on this blog, only occasionally publishing. The work was only an excuse for my neglect of what had become a set appointment in my schedule: publish a blog post. When thinking about why I was no longer that committed to writing, I realised it was not about the writing at all. I’m still writing as much as I ever was, only not on my blog … but rather in my journal, or when writing individual papers.

But the idea behind the blog was for it to be a repository of my thinking, which would include some of the ideas I developed during my off the blog time. And it turns out that the main reason I did not write on the blog anymore was because I did not like the lay-out of the blog anymore.

Once I realised that, I started experimenting … mainly with Jekyll and Github Pages, because they allow for a minimalist design. But that turned out to be a time sink all by itself … and while I did okay in terms of the look and feel of a minimalist blog, it still was not what I really wanted it to be.

Therefore, I turned back to my original blog on Squarespace, and found a template which is very simple and really what I like. I removed most of the pictures from the headers and the articles, and toned down the blog to what I want it to be.

And now it is nice. I like it. It generates a certain rest for the reader, as it should.

Now if I only could convince the good people at Squarespace to allow plugins for the more popular Mac blogging software …