Flagging a creative effort – an awareness raising game on COVID

I’m awed when someone I know or worked with does something which in my eyes is amazingly creative. When a former colleague of mine at the cabinet of the then vice-prime minister, now prime-minister announced in our What’s App group she and her sister had developed a COVID-19 turn-based board game which is aimed at raising awareness on COVID-19 readiness as well as on how challenging it is for a country to adequately prepare for it, I immediately purchased two copies.

The game, called Dokter Li in recognition for Doctor Li Wenliang who tried to warn authorities for the risks associated with the virus, currently exists in Dutch only, but if there is enough interest, the authors are ready to translate it to French, or, I assume, even English. You’ll need to talk to them about that, more information below.

With COVID hitting not-for profit organisations hard, the game’s financial objective is to allow organisations selling it to their members to recover part of the purchasing price as additional income for their current and future activities.

This game hits all the right notes to me … it is aimed at raising awareness around a topic which is everywhere yet not readily understood, it contributes to non-profits having a hard time and it is an expression of the creative muscle of two people. That is awesome and deserves all the mentions it can get.

If you are interested, you can find more information about this game right here as well as its great backstory. All in Dutch, but there are enough possibilities to translate webpages, right? What are you still doing here?