Our failure to educate

I’m frustrated. I have opinions about lots of things, but I am frustrated about the current state of education in Belgium, and likely in other countries as well.

What’s my beef? Our post-industrial world still educates for an industrial environment. We are still trying to produce as similar cogs as possible that then need to fit into holes that are becoming less and less standardised. And that’s just about the children that need to fit in a function or a role.

Our current educational system has a structure which is based on degrees of success. If you are good at taking standardised tests, you can follow the educational track all the way to college, university and beyond. You are a compliant cog, and the nature of the cog we created out of you we name. You are a master, or a master on master in this or that.

But what about the dancers? What about the painters? What about the electricians? What about the really good and creative students that are bad at taking standardised tests?

What about the discovery of talents, whatever they are? What about helping young people identify what they are really good at in order for them to make the best possible contribution?

Yes, I am frustrated. To be continued.