Blogging New Year Resolutions 2012

It’s that time of the year to make resolutions. As I have never made New Year’s resolutions on blogging in my life, perhaps now is a good moment to start. I’ve decided to make resolutions on volume, content and quality. Here goes …


I aim to post at least 100 new articles on the “Exploring the Black Box” blog this year. That’s a little less than one article every three days. Given that most of my commutes are by train these days (try getting into Brussels by car and understand the difference) this is a goal that is more than achievable.


I want to focus on the following four types of articles:

  1. Technical articles: these articles are about internal audit, risk management or integrity management. They will contain ideas on how to approach certain technical problems, on roles and responsibilities of auditors, on experience in building risk and integrity management practices in my environment, which is international bilateral development aid.

  2. Socio-economical rants: I sometimes get very opinionated, and passionate about situations I am being confronted with in everyday life. My opinions are not aligned with any political point of view. On the contrary, the older I get, the better I understand that I have ideas and convictions which align with political ideas from all over the spectrum. I see the relevance of certain ideas from socialist, liberal, green and christian-democrat programs. On the other hand, I also believe that some of their ideas are very wrong and very inappropriate for the day and age we live in. I tend to think my ideas are common sense, but in effect they may just make sense to me. I just like to share them.

  3. Personal productivity ideas, including software & product reviews: the field of personal productivity fascinates me. While I believe we need to do in order to be relevant, there are good and not so good ways to “doing”. We all have the responsibility to be as relevant as we can be, and I think good personal productivity ideas and tools can assist in becoming a better, more productive, more relevant you. I’ll be writing about these ideas as well.

  4. Discovery: I’ll be traveling to places where few of us ever set foot in the coming years. The countries may be familiar, but in the context of my role, as Chief Audit Executive of the Belgian Development Agency, I will together with my collaborator and other collaborators of BTC-CTB visit projects which are situated where they need to be, away from the traditional trails. These will be journeys of hard work, but also of discovery. I am very interested in my personal reaction to this and I want to share this with you.


I will aim to not write something I myself would not like to read.


In exactly one year from now, I will revisit this page and assess whether I complied with my resolutions. Let’s see where this goes.