Trust, but verify

Ronald Reagan and the Belgian law dealing with subsidy conditions Ronald Reagan used this old Russian proverb (“Doveryai, no proveryai”) when referring to his relationship with the Russians in the context of the nuclear disarmament in the 1980’s. In essence, the proverb refers to the understanding that any agreement needs to be accompanied by some … Continue reading Trust, but verify

Consulting commoditization – a follow-up

I just discovered this article by Garrett Gitchell on his Horizontal Change blog. It mentions an article I've written a while back and provides a set of highly relevant comments in reaction. The site provides good, concise and wonderfully opinionated (I should recognize opinionated when I see it, right) writing on consulting and other interesting … Continue reading Consulting commoditization – a follow-up

Apple’s maturity – Ubiquitous and imperceptible interoperability

I am assuming (most) analysts are not stupid A lot has been said about the markets' reaction to Apple's financial statements for the past quarter. It's quite interesting and even a bit baffling if you take in account that this is one of the most successful companies ever, if not the most successful. And yet, … Continue reading Apple’s maturity – Ubiquitous and imperceptible interoperability

Some further thoughts on professional service (de)commoditization

This is more than likely the last I will write about the challenge for consultants in differentiating their offerings from other offerings, but I wanted to share a couple more lines on the subject. This is again a revisit of an article I wrote a couple of years ago, with some ideas I developed further. … Continue reading Some further thoughts on professional service (de)commoditization