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Stimulating and sharing breakthrough thinking

When was the last time you heard something new about internal audit? When were you last confronted with breakthrough thinking in our field? We know … it has been a long time.

Breakthrough thinking can come from sudden, deep insights. But a lot more often, breakthrough thinking comes from long, hard work. Work such as applied academic research. And in the field of internal auditing, we believe too little of that type of research is being conducted. Audit Academy wants to play an important role in changing that. We stimulate breakthrough academic thinking in the field of internal audit and share it with you.

Bringing relevant content in a familiar manner

As a learning organisation, we want to bring content that is relevant to you, presented in a way that works for you. We work together with a hand-picked selection of universities and management schools to have access to the best and the brightest in the fields an internal auditor needs to know about. We complement their competence with highly experienced leaders in our field, to bring you content that is directly relevant to you, presented in a manner familiar to you.

Supporting applied academic research with your tuition fees

But we go beyond that. A significant portion of the money you invest in your eduction finds its way back into research you deem relevant. Each year we report on our re-investment of part of your tuition fees in applied academic research in the field of internal audit.

Explaining the funding mechanism

The funding mechanism we use is very simple. Two systems are used to match funds to research: Your vote and your organisations’ vote.

Every participant a sponsor

Each module you participate in, whether part of an open course, an online interactive course or an online time-shifted course, gives you right to one vote on a subject you deem relevant as an auditor. You effectively decide yourself about how the money you paid us for your training will be reinvested. Based on the votes received, we distribute the money to those research projects. Every participant becomes a sponsor.

Participating organisations determine the research topic list

When your organisation pays for your full program tuition fees, it gets invited to be part of the Research Board of Audit Academy for the entire duration of your program. The Research Board meets twice every year in an open session in which we discuss the specific research needs in the field of internal audit. This allows your organisation to weigh on the selection of topics which will be proposed to the participants for funding the next year. And of course you will benefit from the results of that research through our alumni network.

Sharing the results in our alumni network

Whenever a research project is completed and reported on, the results are made available, first to the sponsors and their organisations, and a few months later to the wider audience of Audit Academy Alumni (AAA). Once you have enrolled in a full program, you automatically become an AAA for life.

Capitalising on your investment

But there is more: at the end of each program, participants are invited to write a comprehensive paper, building on what they learned during the program, making it directly applicable to their specific context. Each year, one paper is selected and the author is invited to participate in working on further developing the content of that specific paper in a more in-depth academic context.

Why Audit Academy matters

If you believe in the need for good internal audit education, if you think our field needs more research, and you want your investment in education to count at least twice, there is only one choice: Audit Academy.