Wise words from wise authors

A very short post on this dreary Sunday in Belgium, with too much grey in the sky and way too much wind …

Neil Gaiman at his South-by-Southwest keynote: “finish your projects. You will learn more from finishing something than from beginning it. After it’s done you can fix it, but you can’t fix something you’ve abandoned.”

Read that together with the following tweet from James Clear: “You can win a lot in life just by being the last one to give up.”

If you are a reader, there are so many great books by Neil Gaiman … think “Coraline”, think “Stardust”, “Neverwhere”, “American Gods” to name but a few. Some of these exist in movie or series format as well, on Amazon Prime or in a library near you.

And if you haven’t read James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” yet, you’re missing out.