Analog versus Digital

This Cramped article consists of nothing more than a quote by Walter Isaacson, the author of Steve Jobs’ autobiography. But in its succinctness, it send a very clear and strong message.

And the message makes you wonder … I know I am in a perennial search to transfer my analog workflows – I write a lot – to a digital environment. I think I’ve experimented with pretty much all capture technologies I could in order to translate my analog process to a digital one, going from scanning (flatbed, desk scanners, to iPhone scanning apps) over handwriting recognition (Nebo, Notes Plus …) and storing this in Dropbox, iCloud, DEVONThink …

I’ve settled now on using OneNote on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil to write, annotate and take notes. No handwriting recognition there (yet?) but it is currently the most ubiquitous flow as my employer uses Office 365.

But considering all this … in a world where we believe that anything we say and write is out there, on the Internet, for eternity … considering that it turned out to be more difficult to retrieve Jobs’ emails than is was to retrieve age old writings by Da Vinci should make you stop and wonder … what is the best system after all.

Just something to think about.