On Rework

I’m quite impressed by the contents of the reboot of the Rework podcast. The last two podcasts focused heavily on business, ethics and the obligations of businesses to take a stand, even if it is an uncomfortable one.

By the way, you just may want to listen to the entire back-catalogue of this podcast, because it is so good. Key ideas align with some of the thinking going on around Quality of Life, which I need to share my thoughts on as well. Episode 2, for example, is aptly titled “Workaholics aren’t heroes”, an insight as big as any elephant in any room but which fails to breach the blood-brain barrier for many people.

Rework originates in the heads of the Basecamp crew, a fine product in and of itself, but developed and managed by a team of entrepreneurs that have very clear ideas on how to build a business for the long run, not driven by just short term objectives.

Although highly opinionated, I very much like the positions Jason Friend, David Heinemeier Hansson and their team are taking.

For more of the same, you may also want to listen to the podcast David Heinemeier Hansson did with Tim Ferriss, which you can find back here. It dates back to October 2016 but is very relevant to listen to.