Redirecting the blog

Exploring the Black Box has been dormant for quite a while, with the exception of some articles on the work of Kourosh Dini. There are a number of simple reasons that led to that sorry state and will lead to this blog changing somewhat in terms of content in the near future.

The first reason I was pretty much silent on the blog was work related: I was employed by the vice-prime minister and minister responsible for development aid. I felt it inappropriate to communicate too much in that function, as sometimes such communications are misconstrued, either accidentally or intentionally.

The second reason is that I changed jobs a couple of months ago, when I became a member of the executive committee of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Belgium, with the responsibility for the service vouchers, a 3 billion EUR a year market in terms of business volume. It took me a while to level up to this level of responsibility, and I needed all the time I had to make sure I had a good hold on the situation and was capable of fully supporting the team.

What is interesting is that while I did not find the time to blog with any consistency during that period of time, I did learn a lot. Which leads me to the reorientation of the blog.

Rather than the old focus on risk management, internal control, internal audit and governance, I’ve learned a lot in the past few years and months about leadership and management, and how they differ. So in the coming weeks, and I intend to do this with some frequency, I would like to share the lessons I’ve learned with you.

Some of the lessons may not supprime you, but quite a few opened my eyes. Don’t hesitate to react to my posts, either on LinkedIn or through a blog post of you own. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.