Moving from Squarespace to WordPress

TL;DR – I moved from Squarespace to WordPress because it makes blogging easier.

You may have noticed that the blog looks fundamentally different from, well, yesterday, and that the url it now defaults to is rather than the usual .net account.

The reason is simple: I moved the blog from Squarespace to WordPress. The reason is pure blogging convenience. Squarespace makes beautiful websites, alas not easy websites for bloggers. The blogging composition process is difficult, and the more tool switches, the less likely the sustained effort in using it.

So, when my favourite writing tool, Ulysses, started offering WordPress integration, the choice was quickly made to finally do the transfer I had been thinking about for a couple of months.

Now, Squarespace has beautiful websites. So this will be a bit of an exploration. I’m coming in at the personal blog subscription level, and I’ll see how far that takes me. Stay posted for updates.