Brett’s courage

Much respect to Brett Terpstra for opening up about his past in this extremely personal post. I’ve never struggled with substance abuse myself, but I was a very, very heavy smoker from 1988 until late 2007. I’m defining heavy smoker as ranging from one pack to two packs of Camels per day. I had gone through numerous attempts to kick the habit before finally being able to quit in October 2007, thanks to good advice from a couple of colleagues.

I find it simply amazing that a strong and focused person can turn around his life in such an inspiring way. Each and every day something Brett made touches my life when I work on my computer. Whenever I work on texts, Marked 2 is one service call away. I use Searchlink for each blog post I write. I arrived at my editor of choice, Byword, after consulting Brett’s crowd sourced list of text editors for Mac.

So Brett, thanks for sticking around and making a difference for a lot of us, Mac users. And happy belated birthday!

And for those not yet supporting Brett, he has an open support model running which allows you to support his work. You may consider doing that.