I’m not one to lightly put advertisements or suggestions for support on my blog. I avoid that because it makes our relationship different. I want to produce interesting, relevant, good content which I hope you can enjoy.

However, this one is a little different. I know a few of you are Mac users. Perhaps you have heard of Brett Terpstra. You can find his website here. Brett is an amazing Mac developer. In his spare time, I kid you not, this young guy (younger than me, at least) has put out more stuff for free than many a software company with a full staff of collaborators. In his spare time.

Brett explains why he has chosen to leave his job at AOL and go independent in this post. It’s a daring adventure, and I wish him all the best. I’ll be supporting him.

I would like to invite you, if you are a Mac user, to go and visit his site. Browse around. Some of the stuff he developed is daunting for a newer user of OS X, but a lot of it is not. Take for example nvALT, a free text editor, an adaptation of Notational Velocity that Brett took way beyond what that tool was to begin with. Browse around. The wonderful services he develops, for example, save me time every single work day.

And if you find something you like and use, perhaps you want to join us, the people who really value what Brett Terpstra does for our ever growing OS X community. I want him to continue doing what he does every single day. If this is what he did in his spare time, think about what he will be producing now he goes full time.

And thanks for reading this.