On the excellence of care of SquareSpace customer care

People make mistakes. I am a person, and I do tend to make a lot of mistakes. Especially concerning websites and blogs. I am not a technologist, I am not a designer. On occassion, I feel like a writer. But anything beyond that is beyond me.

That recently came to bear when, mistakenly, I attached a picture to a blog post. Or at least, I tried to. Something went wrong and I ended up with a very ugly error link on the front page of my blog.

Luckily, SquareSpace support came to the resque. In the person of Jessica K, she both identified what the issue was and offered the solution in about 20 seconds flat.

Even though I still wish, would beg and on occasion may invoke deities to get posting through other tools than the website and the iPad app (which honestly both are behind), this is really why people like me need SquareSpace. Whenever I do anything stupid, they take care of it for me. Quickly.

Thanks SquareSpace! I will be renewing soon.