“GTD” block … is fight or flight really necessary?

I’m linking to an excellent article by Matthew Leitch, who is one of the key people I’ve been folllowing for years because he has excellent insights on risk management. The article here and the interactive assessment page here are wonderful examples on how to lose what I call GTD block: how can you hold on to the proper application of your GTD system under stressful conditions, and is that programmed, automatic fight or flight response really necessary?

I can relate, as most of us can, as I tend to drop my task list onder high stress conditions and get a laser beam, narrow focus on the immediate solution of the problem … often to the despair of people around me, for example my wife.

Anyway, enough said, you need to go read Matthew’s article, and go through the interactive page. And when you’re at it, and if you are interested in risk management, perhaps you want to read some of Matthew’s extensive body of articles. They are more than worth it.

P.S. The articles are not about GTD … but they are very applicable.