About the iPad Mini’s lack of retina display

I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

True, the screen is not mind boggling beautiful as the retina iPad or, for that matter, the retina MacBook Pro. That is not the point. The point is the following.

It. Does not. Matter.

Unless you are a visual professional doing most of your creative work on the iPad mini, you will not need a retina iPad Mini.

As a mobile professional, like me, you will especially not need a retina iPad Mini if the trade off is weight or battery longevity. And let’s be clear: barring a major technological breakthrough in either displays (Sharp?) or batteries, it will be either heavier or have a limited battery life.

I’m writing this on a train on its way into Brussels. I’m writing it on an iPad with LTE and no retina display. It just works.

This morning, I read my daily RSS newspaper on a retina iPad. And at work, I will be looking at my non retina MacBook Air docked to Samsung 21 inch monitor.

Since when has the discussion become one of specifications, rather than one of relevant features and benefits that do make a difference?