What meaning is all about …

I often find myself wondering why I do certain things and not others, and whether my driver, whatever it may be, is the relevant one. I often ‘meta’ ask myself whether the way in which I approach this is the best possible way. In the context of one of these researches, I bumped into yet another excellent article by Umair Haque, in which he brings meaning to meaning. Pun most certainly intended. Read this:

Meaning, then, is something like a responsibility — not merely a need. It resides and resounds, like the human experience, between us. It transcends the narrow confines of the self — and connects us, through the power of grace and purpose, to the human world around us. It is the act of investing in what we profess to care about; in caring about what we profess to love; in not merely “expressing our values,” but valuing that which is worthwhile in lasting human terms, and so arcing the trajectory of not just our own tiny lives, but those of the people around us, towards the just-glimpsed sunrise of mattering.

It almost reads like poetry.

You need to go and read the entire article. Now. Really, go! The link is embedded in the title of this blog post.

Okay, now what does this have to do with GTD? Well, think about it. If all you are doing is working in pursuit of a self-centered set of goals which but focus on the me and the now, you will get very effective and efficient in killing the you inside of you.

Perhaps that is not what life is about.