There is a lot of talk about the $329 which Apple is asking for the iPad Mini. It’s a full $80 more than the Nexus 7, a comparable tablet … euhm. Well, not really.

You are paying the $80 not as some diehard Android users will point out as the Apple premium, but as the price to pay not to have your device totally outdated in less than one year.

Apple has a reputation for supporting its ‘older’ hardware with its new operating systems, both on Mac OS and iOS, for a very long time. This is why you find people with 6 to 7 year old Macs. Calculate the total cost of ownership on that one, and compare that to any other product. The release cycle for iOS devices is faster. It is a less mature market. Still, I can use iOS 6 on a 3GS, without much of an issue.

How many Android devices are running 4.0? Just saying …