Jeff Atwood, new personal hero

I have a new personal hero. His name is Jeff Atwood. The reason for his hero status? The simple fact he is able to set the right priorities. We tend to prioritize short term personal objectives over long term structural investments. We chase a dream, the dream, but at what cost. At what incredible, unacceptable cost?

Whether leading or following, I like to believe Mr. Atwood is one of many in a long line of experts that chose to be expert and yet still have a real life, where they matter to real people, and not only because they are responsible for their pay check. I like to believe this list includes John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, Merlin Mann, of 43Folders and other internet fame, Marco Arment, of Instapaper, Dan Benjamin, of 5by5 …

There is a name for people like these. They are called “adults”.

Hats off, Jeff. And dear reader, if you have no clue and want to understand why I write this post, read this post