When tools distract from purpose

Looking for a purpose is probably the worst way to find it

The more I look at the way I have been active in the past years, the more I am starting to understand you cannot discover your purpose in life by looking for it. On the contrary, the act of looking for your purpose will likely distract you from it and make it more difficult to find. Sounds crazy? Think about it: your purpose is what will make you the best you. The strategic fit. The thing that was waiting for you to do it. In essence, the you you were waiting for. The more you keep engaging in other activities which are not purpose, the more likely you will not find it. That’s a plain statistical reality.

When the tool is cool

At lot of likeminded people fall for the next personal productivity fad. Much as I love sites such as Lifehacker, they tend to cost me money. But the next best methodology will not necessarily allow you to do a better job. On the contrary, if the tool is cool, it may distract you from focusing on what matters most. And this is written by someone who is a big fan op all products Apple.

About tooling

Tooling is about developing assistive technologies to allow for better production. It is never about the tool itself. Good personal productivity tools are thus tools which, when correctly applied, allow you to reduce the noise in your surroundings, your head and ideally, your heart.

Spying your purpose despite the tools

Then, supported but not dominated by your tools, when all is quiet, even in the middle of a concert, you may spy your purpose. Again, it is likely to be disguised but there nevertheless. So, these tools are not the way to your purpose. You are. They only serve, only when correctly used, to get you there faster.

So, how do you go about it?

You find it while accomplishing things you feel good about and which make you feel good about you. If that’s a cop-out, it honestly is the best possible answer I can give you. In all decision, be true to yourself. So lets quit playing.