How governments can (and why they should) ensure right use of taxes

I don’t like paying taxes I have a confession to make: I don’t really like paying taxes. And I’m certain I’m not the only one. Each month, when my pay check arrives, I notice the difference between my gross and net salary. Living in Belgium, known for its elevated taxes, should have made me aware … Continue reading How governments can (and why they should) ensure right use of taxes

“Can” versus “Should”

I’m sure you’ve heard this question before, in both personal and professional contexts: “Can you do this?” And the answer, most of the time, is obvious. It is a question as to capability (“Do you have the skills to do this?”) and capacity (“Do you have the time and/or the willingness to do this?”) Capability … Continue reading “Can” versus “Should”

Presentable – “Designing the Space you work in”

A quick note on an excellent podcast show I recently discovered: Presentable. Episode 32 covered a conversation with Sarah B. Nelson, Program Architect at IBM, about the spaces we work in and how they influence creativity. If you are interested in this kind of thing, this was an interesting almost 50 minutes. I’m looking forward … Continue reading Presentable – “Designing the Space you work in”

On Rework

I’m quite impressed by the contents of the reboot of the Rework podcast. The last two podcasts focused heavily on business, ethics and the obligations of businesses to take a stand, even if it is an uncomfortable one. By the way, you just may want to listen to the entire back-catalogue of this podcast, because … Continue reading On Rework