Weaponizing internal audit – part II

I missed an important element when writing the short post in weaponizing internal audit. This post was inspired by a sentence written by Mike Monteiro in his new book, “Design is a Job”. When we talk about using internal audit as a defensive asset whose presence should ensure higher compliance, it also requires internal audit … Continue reading Weaponizing internal audit – part II

Increasing internal auditor’s relevance

It’s not (just) about independenceThe IIA recently released a paper on this IPPF on independence and objectivity. Independence is sometimes used by internal auditors or organizations executing the internal audit function as an argument to motivate a distance from the organization they’re auditing. And while independence is an important factor to ensure the objectivity the … Continue reading Increasing internal auditor’s relevance

Independence, objectivity and proximity

ContextThere is discussion ongoing at the Belgian federal government level about the (minimal) independence requirements for internal auditors active the Belgian federal administrations. I want to weigh in with some thoughts on that. This article is partly based on a recent position paper by the IIA on independence and objectivity, which I found very clarifying.A … Continue reading Independence, objectivity and proximity