About tolerance

The article in Extra Newsfeed is a must read in this day and age, especially given the current situation in the US. While not all of my friends agree (here’s looking at you, Alain!), I do believe that most people hold back from a reaction for fear of condemnation … for fear of not being “good” or “nice” …

The bottom line, there should never be absolute tolerance. As Yonatan Zunger writes in this Extra Newsfeed article.

“Tolerance is not a moral absolute; it is a peace treaty.”

Understanding his position is essential in any context when speaking about tolerance. Tolerance should never be an excuse not to speak up, not to be explicit about an attitude that goes beyond boundaries. Zunger again

“the model of a peace treaty differs from the model of a moral precept in one simple way: the protection of a peace treaty only extends to those willing to abide by its terms.”

The basis of tolerance is acceptance of difference under clear conditions … not and never absolute surrender.