Just a short story

Today, on this day after the day of days, I have a short story for you. It’s just a short story, nothing more. You can do with it what you want, but I just want to get it out there. It’s my stream of consciousness getting the better of me.

Most, if not all animals come into this world being “good”. Some of them have the luck to end up with caring owners and turn out not only to be “good” but also proper. These are the nice animals, the animals we all like, the animals we see on TV ads and in glossy magazines. And yes, in cat gifs on the internet. These animals rarely turn feral. They have no reason to. These animals are often domesticated, but don’t feel that way. In their perception, they are free, for a certain value of freedom. But perhaps that is not bad, given some of the alternatives.

After all, some animals are not so lucky to find a good home. Some of them get a taste of the good life, only to be left, in the woods or at the roadside, abandoned by their owners. Some of them never have the good life at all. They get mistreated from day one, and eventually, after a lot of hurt, turn into “bad” animals, animals that bite and try to attack people. Again, they don’t do this naturally. But if you get kicked around enough, you will try to defend yourself against the next kicking.

This reaction is not their fault. It’s the fault of those who treated them badly. Animals do not have the power to stand up to humans that abuse them, with the exception of making threatening noises and biting if they get the chance.

Occasionally, someone will come along and be understanding to them, be nice to them, and give them the feeling they had a long time ago or never at all: “look, someone is taking care of me, someone is looking out for me.” Having been abandoned for a long time, that must be a really nice feeling. That person may actually actively protect them from the harm or indifference that comes to them from other people. While initially scared and on edge, such an animal may warm to such a person … eventually even adoring them deeply, and committing to them in a very, very intense way.

Just as long as that person really, really cares for them, everything will be all right. But if that person stops caring, or turns out to be a fake …

Well, let’s not dwell on that, shall we? This is not the day for nightmares.