Journalists are (or should be) auditors too

The Run-Up had an excellent interview with the journalists who published the article on Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns.

What I found especially interesting is the diligence with which these journalists checked the authenticity of the documents and the way they approached it. They zeroed in on problems they identified both in form and content of the documents which they received, and they sought to clear these points prior to publication. This is a practice often thrown overboard by social media pundits who want to be first with a story. It also shows how journalists essentially behave as auditors should.

It also shows that the journalists did inform the Trump campaign of their intention to publish this information well in advance, as well as the efforts of the Trump campaign to spin this in the days prior to the publication.

A fascinating listen. The episode is titled “The Run-Up: Inside the Trump Tax Bombshell” and you can find the link here: Link